anak tudung

Saturday, 10 October 2009

rm4 only!!

- sold out

white- 3 available

cream-sold to ayuni


ape? clearance sale...
ye2...jgn x p'caye pulak..
kami nk menghabiskan shawl2 yg ade n tudung2 syiria..

untuk shawl ,
1 helai rm8
2 helai rm15
3 helai rm22

untuk syiria,
1 helai rm14

cepat2! borong smpai hbs...takde had mase...

ATTENTION cantek2 people!!!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

dear cantek2 people,

lately, i've been busy with assignmnt and some event i need to incharge,
so,ade emel yg lmbt giler reply,
i am soo soo taknak buat u people t'tunggu2 kalo da hntr emel order ,
its better after u fill the ordering form, then text me to notify me..
lagi cepat dan pantas dan tuntas! yeah! hehe..
my no. is, 0179866518(olliey)....just text or call me..=p